Matching Impedance: 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial to 120 ohm balanced twisted pair

Bit Rates: 2Mbit/s and 8Mbit/s as ITU-T Recommendation G.703 Line Code

Return Loss: 2Mbit/s and 8Mbit/s as per G.703 requirements

Insertion Loss: <0.25dB @ 1.024MHz and <0.4dB from 0.1kHz to 10MHz Cross Talk: >80dB from 0.1kHz to 10MHz between 2 baluns mounted 20.64mm apart

Pulse Shape: 2Mbit/s and 8Mbit/s as per G.703

Signal Levels: 2.37V nominal peak voltage for 2Mbit/s and 8Mbit/s at the coaxial end as per G.703

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Balun 1.6/5.6 Male snap coupling to 3pin Wire Wrap 75/120 Ohm 2/8 Mbit/s